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Hemp Humanitarians growing green is a lifestyle obsession! 



The NAHE brand supports community economic opportunity that has been proven prominent to achieve in rural areas. Hemp is a natural nutrition alternative in replacing retro building construction materials and everyday products. 


NAHE believes in the potential economic enhancement, viability, and sustainability of the "new" hemp crop. As "Hemp Humanitarians we recognized the global-authority figures early on.  As a New York-based company authorized to possess, cultivate and a distributor of hemp we thriving on "Growing towards a greener good” individuality, valued quality products are our interest. 


 Our focus on allowing hemp full reign, sustainable agriculture, and energy solution.

The desired results soil remediation, permanent alternative to wood and plastic. We will demonstrate environmental consistencies that helps increase values of hemp crop viabilities and maximize yield.

Nicole N'Diaye

In late 2018 NAHE was established by Nicole M. N’diaye.  The brand's of  NAHE is to serve as a sustainable apparatus of interconnecting networks in the cannabis-hemp industry. 

Our core competence values focus on state and federal compliance, good educational practice, cGMP certify seed bank, energy and agriculture solutions, and community economic empowerment.


As a pillar of her neighborhood, Nicole was determined to refine leadership accepts several stewardship positions. Community Garden Coordinator at Bathgate Community Garden,Project Manager of the community Healthy Soil Initiative sponsored by NHI and Morrisville SUNY with strategic goals of beatification and increase community activities.  

Nicole's first-hand personal community garden experience was where her passion and interest in the horticulture profession began in 2016, deciding to venture into the flourishing cannabis-hemp industry not knowing what to expect. 


As the first minority woman farmer in NYS to become authorized, "I made my presence felt."  


Halimatou N'Diaye

Halimatou N’diaye is the Treasurer of NAHE, a family owned business where she serves residually as many things. While she continues her studies, she has her hands in many things but being Treasurer of NAHE is priority. Creating more energy and earth efficient products will contribute to bettering the world, which is her ultimate end goal.

Adama N'Diaye


Adama J N’diaye, 22 years old, is the Chief Operating Officer/ Vice President of NAHE. Adama is a future business owner, he currently works as a music producer and also in the food industry. 

Joseph Fordyce Jr. 

Joseph Fordyce Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Knock On Hemp. Joseph went to Lehman College, and graduated 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics. He has a passion for bringing value and innovation to the Hemp industry. He wants to use Knock on Hemp and NAHE's partnership to grow and process Hemp worldwide.

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