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Getting to Know us

NAHE's grow plan includes research in both CBD and Fiber and Grain varieties. Master grower, Nicole N'Diaye has partnered with several Amish Farmers in NYS to cultivate over 13 Hemp Acres this 2019 season.  

The products we harvest are organically grown with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We sell unrefined, natural Hemp products.


 We aim to work with GMP certified processors to create the highest quality products. Click Here to View Products Available. 

The services we offer in this industry reflect what we have done in NYS, and South Carolina. We are confident we can navigate the requirements in any state in the U.S and assist with :

  • Acquisition of Grow License
  • Acquisition of proper genetics for Farm 
  • Farm Planning from Seed to Sale 
  • Annual Compliance with state regulations

NAHE is a family-oriented establishment with experts in business development, horticulture, agriculture, agronomist, botany farmland (greenhouse) sustainable agriculture solutions, business consulting, engineering graphics Autocad, and research.


At NAHE we take great pride in the craft of cultivation and believe in the untapped power of the hemp plant.


“Growing Towards a Greener Good” is our motto and resonates our deep-rooted confidence in te Hemp plant.The methodological details of our integrated grow structure will address any misconceptions of the unique hemp plant and educate people from all walks of life.


“We will uncover the unlimited resources and environmental benefits of Hemp cultivation and prove that it is a sustainable commodity for years to come.“