About Us


NAHE Hemp Farms was founded in 2018 by Nicole N’diaye a Bronx native. As is a hemp humanitarian and environmental justice advocate, Nicole believes in sustainable agriculture and energy solutions.

For the past few years, Nicole built a thriving agricultural hemp cultivation business from scratch. Nicole has managed to build relationships with Amish farmers in upstate New York. NAHE manage numerous grow site under the GR-00152 license.

Being aware of the positive led influence New York has on hemp cultivation, we join New York participation in the journey of hemp cultivation. We aim to redevelop the mindset and of the understanding of the cannabis-hemp plant.


Our goal is to develop character, strength, and truth in hemp products and address environmental issues by providing reliable natural hemp farming for years to come.

At NAHE Hemp Farm, we strive to provide the finest quality of premium fiber and CBD that is always tested and guaranteed high-quality hemp products that you can always trust!

NAHE Brand

The mother of two created her venture name by using the first letter of her name, and that of her children Adama, and Halima.
Pronounce as NAHE (Na-Hee)

Meet The Team

Nicole N'Diaye

Nicole’s first-hand personal community garden experience was where her passion and interest in the horticulture profession began in 2016, deciding to venture into the flourishing cannabis-hemp industry not knowing what to expect.
As the first minority woman farmer in NYS to become authorized, “I made my presence felt.”

Halimatou N'Diaye

Halimatou N’diaye is the Treasurer of NAHE, a family owned business where she serves residually as many things. While she continues her studies, she has her hands in many things but being Treasurer of NAHE is priority. Creating more energy and earth efficient products will contribute to bettering the world, which is her ultimate end goal.

Adama N'Diaye

Adama J N’diaye, 22 years old, is the Chief Operating Officer/ Vice President of NAHE. Adama is a future business owner, he currently works as a music producer and also in the food industry.