The products we harvest are original grows with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We sell unrefined, natural raw hemp. We strive to work with cGMP local certified processors to create the highest quality hemp products on the market.


Our consultant services believe in doing it right the first time, every time! We will get it right. We are confident in navigating the requirements in any state in the United States and assist with the Acquisition of Grow License, Processor License, and much more!


We use a slow method to remove leaves and buds by hand. This harvesting procedure produces the finest high-quality products. We also harvest by manually chopping off the whole plant. We provide emergency harvest services locally.


Our baling methods consist of cutting the CBD hemp flower striping, then letting it dry on the ground, raking the crop in a swath by using a wheel rake. We use a typical round baler, moving the bales out of the field using a self-loading bale mover. Them it stored as you would do with dry hay bales


Slow cure barn dry Flash freezing methods preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids.
As of hemp, our team of experts is constantly working towards creating sustainable agriculture and new helpful wellness innovations.
We strongly encourage everyone to live their best lives by using our natural products.
You will be confident when you shop with us knowing that with each product you will receive the highest quality of hemp.
Everything we sell and produce is: